Meet the Teacher
Who's Ms. Blake?

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  I was born here in Charleston, SC and raised on Johns Island. I attended many of the schools located on Johns Island. I have 2 sisters and I am the middle girl.  I am very family oriented and spend a host of time having fun with them.
I attended Trident Technical College for two years and later transferred to the College of Charleston where I received my Bachelors in Science. I am currently working towards my Master in ESOL. 

My face or name may be very familiar to many of the parents at Minnie Hughes.  This would be because I was an intern teacher in 1st grade.  I was welcomed by so many that I was beyond ecstatic to return to a place I call home.  I enjoyed my short stay so much that I couldn't resist the opportunity to be apart of the Minnie Cats again. 

A few of my hobbies consist of singing, reading, dancing, and playing the drums.  Although I'm new to the drum world, I have played for 8 years.  I am always interested and excited to hear different types of music.  I enjoy watching horror movies and it is indeed one of my favorite pass times. On top of the things that I enjoy doing, I am also a hairstylist.  I enjoy creating and being able to show my creativity. This also plays apart of why I enjoy teaching. 

As many of my students already know, my favorite colors are white and pink. Although I am not the greatest cook my favorite meal is spaghetti.  Along with spaghetti, my favorite drink to make the meal a "smash dunk" is ginger ale.  As previously mentioned, I am not an amazing chef but I enjoy eating and trying new meals.

After leaving this page, I would love for you to know that I care about children and their well-being in and outside of the classroom. My goal throughout this journey is to give all that I can to be a benefit, positively, to at least one person. I want to leave a memorable impression that leaves a smile on your face.   Thank you for dropping in and getting to know me, it is greatly appreciated.