Parents Hold the Key

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Parent’s Hold the Key!

 Having a great relationship from the beginning will help the academic process of every student. Teachers and Parents should stay in constant communication to ensure students are receiving the help they need. We at Minnie Hughes firmly believe that we must all work together if the children are to succeed. We can’t do it alone; you can’t do it alone; certainly the students can’t do it alone. Please be involved in your child’s studies. The rewards for active participation in your child’s education are sometimes hard to see on a day-to day basis, but they will manifest themselves down the road. We will do our utmost for your child’s education! We will diligently work to make him/her a better person – more responsible and more educated!

This page is designed to keep you in the loop. Feel free to come here to see updated news, tips with helping your child study and many more.We  encourage you to explore the site and see what’s going on in our classrooms. 

If at any time you have any questions, feel free to email us here at school or call the school at 843-889-2976 or send a note. We are always open if you need to schedule a conference. We have an open door policy here at Minnie Hughes!

The following guidelines have been established by the Minnie Hughes Elementary School administration and the leadership team to ensure effective and efficient communication flow between all stakeholders in the operation of Minnie Hughes Elementary School.


  1.  There is an established suggestion box for input from faculty, staff, students, community members and parents in the front office on the building.
  2. There are scheduled meetings of the School Improvement Council / Title 1 on a regular basis.

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