Ms. Beauregard

                                  Happy November in 4-A!


We have had a wonderful start to our year so far! We just finished meeting with parents for conferences as well as having parents join us for our Halloween Literacy party! Students and families had fun, and the students did a fantastic job on their book reports. 

We also just received new additions to our classroom: daily Chromebooks! We are working on them during science and social studies, as we finish up learning about plants and animals and move onto light and sound and as we work on explorers to the new world! 

In math we are diving into multiplication and division! This can be tricky for some students, so remember to drill at home! In reading we are starting a unit on characters, and we are continuing to strengthen our independent reading. That is why reading at home for 30 minutes daily is so important! 

I am having a wonderful time leading this class, please feel free to stop in when you can! Remember to check their homework folders and sign their behavior logs!

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